Ultra Heavy LE Set


Built for heavy rope enthusiasts.

Includes our 4 LB and 5 LB ropes and our most durable handles yet.

Designed to put your strength and grit to the test.

Not recommended for beginners.

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New Kind Of Challenge

The Ultra Heavy LE set is designed for experienced jumpers looking for the ultimate heavy rope challenge. If you’ve worked with our other heavy ropes, this challenge is for you. This set is not recommended for beginners.

Weighted Ultra Heavy LE Handles

Our Ultra Heavy LE handles are the most durable handles we’ve ever built. Each limited edition handle weighs just under 3/4 LB (almost 2X as much as our regular Power handles) and is built with the same level of detail and precision engineering you’re used to. The handles are hand-stitched, offer superior grip, and have a beautiful matte black nickel electroplated finish.

Increased Muscle Activation

The brand new 4 LB and 5 LB ropes are built to engage and challenge every muscle fiber in your upper body. Each turn of the rope will build your strength, grit, and mental toughness.

Classic Fast Clip Design

The new Ultra Heavy LE handles use the same fast clip connection that is unique to our Crossrope system. You can quickly and easily switch between the light blue 4 LB rope and dark blue 5 LB rope for a versatile workout.

What’s Included:

  • New weighted handles with sleek matte finish
  • New 4 LB and 5 LB ultra heavy ropes built for any surface
  • Patented fast clip system lets you quickly swap ultra heavy ropes

SMALL (Users height 145cm to 163cm), MEDIUM (Users height 164cm to 174cm), LARGE (Users height 175cm to 188cm), EXTRA LARGE (Users height 189cm to 206cm)


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