Speed LE Set


The Speed LE Set is designed for high-performance jump rope training.

Includes limited edition handles plus 3 Oz, 6 Oz, and 9 Oz speed ropes.

Elevate your speed, performance, and double unders.

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Built For Performance

The Speed LE set (with 3 Oz, 6 Oz, and 9 Oz ropes) is a high performance jump rope set designed to elevate your speed, double under, and HIT workouts. With a thick inner wire and thin PVC coating formulation, the weighted speed ropes offer a faster and more precise rotation on every jump. Designed for indoor or mat use only.

Secret To Double Unders

Want to master the double under? With weighted speed ropes, you get the crisp and precise feedback you need to learn this advanced skill more quickly. If you want to take your double under game to the next level, weighted speed ropes are the secret.

Made For The Competitor

If you’re a competitor who is always seeking that next challenge, these high performance weighted speed ropes are built for you. Boost your speed, learn new skills, and challenge yourself with the Speed LE set.

Classic Fast Clip Design

The Speed LE handles use the same fast clip connection that is unique to our Crossrope system. You can quickly and easily switch between your weighted speed ropes to keep your speed training versatile.

  • Fastest weighted speed ropes we’ve ever built (indoor use only)
  • High-performance handles offer smooth rotation and superior grip
  • Quickly swap between weighted speed ropes (3 Oz, 6 Oz, 9 Oz included)
  • Comes with special edition carry bag for all your ropes

SMALL (Users height 145cm to 163cm), MEDIUM (Users height 164cm to 174cm), LARGE (Users height 175cm to 188cm), EXTRA LARGE (Users height 189cm to 206cm)


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