Heavy LE Set


Heavy LE set comes with our 3/4 LB, 1 1/2 LB and mighty 3 LB Titan rope as well as our special Heavy LE Handles.

Built for all fitness levels.

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Your Next Challenge

The Heavy LE set is designed for jumpers of all fitness levels looking for a unique heavy rope challenge. Whether you’re ready to upgrade from the 1/2 LB rope from your Get Lean set or looking for your next heavy rope after the 2 LB rope from Get Strong, the Heavy LE set has your next challenge.

Powerful Heavy LE Handles

Our Heavy LE handles have been redesigned with the same level of detail and precision engineering you love. The new LE handles are hand-stitched, offer an easy grip, and work well across the full range of Heavy LE ropes.

  • Newly designed handles with updated grip and durability
  • New 3/4 LB, 1 1/2 LB and 3 LB heavy ropes built for any surface
  • Patented fast clip system lets you quickly swap heavy ropes

SMALL (Users height 145cm to 163cm), MEDIUM (Users height 164cm to 174cm), LARGE (Users height 175cm to 188cm), EXTRA LARGE (Users height 189cm to 206cm)


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