1 LB Heavy Rope


The 1 LB heavy jump rope is designed for all fitness levels and built for endurance, HIT, and strength workouts. This is one of the most versatile jump ropes to have in your collection.

– Proprietary coating allows for safe and durable jumping on any surface

– Tangle free design minimizes trip-ups and makes carrying and storing easy

– Pairs best with Power Handles (not included)

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Meticulous engineering resulted in our most durable ropes to date so you can take your workouts anywhere on any surface.

Fast Clip Connection System
Fast clip system allows you to quickly and easily clip in different weights of ropes for a more versatile and effective workout.

Proprietary Rope Coating
Our proprietary coating gives our ropes the durability to withstand use on any surface for years of continued use.

1 LB Rope
One pound may not sound like much, but this rope will get you mean lean muscle; push your limits by adding some weight.

Stainless Steel Core
This is the secret behind what makes our ropes so user friendly. Single strand stainless steel provides weight, strength and stability for peace of mind jumping.


SMALL (Users height 145cm to 163cm), MEDIUM (Users height 164cm to 174cm), LARGE (Users height 175cm to 188cm), EXTRA LARGE (Users height 189cm to 206cm)


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