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5 Easy Ways to Get a Full Body Workout at Home for Busy Parents

As summer draws to a close, we’re approaching a hectic time of year.

Your kids are heading back to school, routines are shifting, and your schedule is buzzing.

And while things might get a little frantic, the back-to-school season always seems to feel a little like a junior new year.

When your kids are occupied with classes, it’s the perfect time to focus on some much-needed self-care practices like exercise, and we’re here to help.

You might be thinking about how you’re going to fit exercise into your already crammed day, but we have five easy ways to get a full body workout at home, even when your to-do list is brimming with priorities.

Let’s get into it. Use the list below to jump to ideas that catch your attention.

  1. Get the Right Equipment
  2. Do Microworkouts
  3. Try Habit Stacking
  4. Download a Good Fitness App
  5. Schedule Fitness

1. Get the Right Equipment

If you want to get a great full body workout at home, but you’re working with a demanding schedule, you need a piece of fitness equipment that’s practical, convenient, and efficient.

You can probably guess what we suggest—a jump rope.

Not only are there tons of jump rope benefits related to physical health, but there’s no other training tool as handy as a jump rope. They’re compact, portable, and easy to use.

You also don’t need a lot of time to work up a sweat when you do jump rope cardio, especially when you’re using weighted jump ropes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week; however, jumping rope is considered a vigorous-intensity activity and is about the same as two minutes of moderate-intensity exercise.

You can get a powerful full body workout at home using a jump rope for only 15 minutes a day, five times a week.

When juggling kids, work, a social life, and a million other things, you need to prioritize efficiency. If a jump rope is anything, it’s efficient.

weighted jump rope sets for a full body workout at home from Crossrope

2. Do Microworkouts

You don’t need to spend ages on the treadmill. You don’t need to be at the gym for hours. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to see the results of a full body workout at home.

Do micro workouts or “exercise snacks.”

Break up your day with 1 to 5-minute fitness breaks.

Research shows that micro workouts can boost fat metabolism by 43 percent!

You might not be able to fit an hour or two for the gym into your schedule, but you sure can pick up a jump rope and bang out 100 jumps.

Whatever the exercise, it just needs to be challenging enough to jack your heart rate in a short burst.

No time? No problem. A micro workout is a perfectly acceptable way to reap the benefits of a full body workout at home.

3. Try Habit Stacking

Here’s another easy way to fit exercise into your busy day: stack exercise onto what you already do.

We talk about this strategy in another post about forming healthy habits, but it’s relevant here.

Have to take out the trash? Go for a walk around the block when you’re finished.

Waiting for coffee to brew? Do ten squat jumps.

Brushing your teeth? Make sure your core is engaged.

It becomes effortless to cross a full-body workout at home off your list when you start habit stacking.

Here is the habit stacking formula:

After/Before [Current Habit] I will [New Habit].

For example:

After taking the kids to school, I will immediately change into my workout clothes.

The reason habit stacking works is because you’re piggy-backing off of behaviors that are already built into your brain. You have patterns and practices that are automatic from years of routine. You’re more likely to follow through on your new intention by tacking a new habit onto an existing behavior.

You can read more in-depth about habit stacking here.

4. Download a Good Fitness App

There are so many resources at your disposal that make it easy to fit fitness into your day.

Apps are one of those resources, especially if you don’t want to overthink your workouts.

The Crossrope app has over 500 premade workouts for cardio, strength training, endurance, and HIIT. If you’re looking for a quick full body workout at home, you need to check out the Crossrope app.

You can set reminders for your workouts, and you can filter workouts that are under 20 minutes.

Pick a workout (or better yet, add all the quick workouts to your favorites) and let the app guide you through the rest. When time isn’t on your side, keep it simple.

5. Schedule Your Fitness

You make appointments for the doctor. You schedule parent-teacher nights. You block off time for work meetings. Why should workouts be any different?

Set aside the time to work out and stick to your commitment.

If your schedule gets out of hand, you know you’ve already booked the time with yourself.

Do That Full Body Workout At Home

When you become a parent, you don’t always have time for yourself. That’s okay!

Things get busy and kids come first, but there are ways to fit exercise into your life. It just takes a little rejigging sometimes.

We want to hear from you, though! How do you make time for fitness? What’s your go-to full body workout at home? Drop your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

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